Analyzers & Detectors

Our covert markers are only as useful as the devices that detect its presence (or lack thereof). Whether used in the field to identify illicit activity or to perform laboratory analysis to provide court-defensible evidence of adulteration, our collection of authentication devices covers it all.



  • Molecular Forensic Analyzer: MSX Series

    The Authentix MSX series is designed to help governments and oil companies efficiently and effectively identify the presence of Authentix fuel markers as part of a body of evidence demonstrating intent to evade excise tax, abuse subsidies or sell fuel that does not conform with a brand owners’ specification. The MSX 2000, using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry technology, detects and quantifies Authentix markers in complex fuel matrices with unmatched selectivity and sensitivity to provide evidential confirmation of smuggling or adulteration.

  • Portable Field Analyzer: LSX Series

    The Authentix LSX series is designed to help government enforcement officials and leaders at oil companies to efficiently and affordably identify the presence of Authentix fuel markers by testing fuels throughout the supply chain to validate that there is no presence of dilution or adulteration. The portable field analyzer enables rapid quantitative results to be obtained at terminals, border points, and retail stations in approximately two (2) minutes.

  • Field Test Kit: LFD series

    The Authentix LFD is a simple field test designed to give terminal operators and station owners quick results in the field to indicate if the fuel is meeting specification. The test is simple to perform and provides results within 10 minutes.

  • Field-Based Fuel Quality Analyzers

    The Authentix field-based fuel quality solution QualiTrax™ is designed to increase the speed of commerce and decision-making capabilities by reducing the time and overall cost of fuel quality testing and inspection. Our solution uses field-based equipment and sophisticated chemometric modeling to provide near instant lab quality results yet in a more rapid and efficient alternative to traditional testing programs such as lab-based ASTM.

  • Handheld Optical Detector: HVX Series

    Commercial organizations can quickly, efficiently and affordably authenticate products that are believed to be counterfeit, diverted or adulterated. With a simple yes / no verification of product status in the field or during quality checks at the manufacturers, this secure approach is an advanced customized authentication solution that helps mitigate risks to promote revenue growth and gain competitive advantage.

  • Smartphone Authentication

    The mobile smartphone application provides the ability to capture authentication tests (negative or positive), the marker discovered (when positive), and the location of the tests via geo-positioning. The customizable application allows the inspector to capture product, location and other needed information, which is transmitted to the cloud for storage, data aggregation, alert notifications, and more.


  • Maximum flexibility as a self-contained, light-weight unit fitting in any vehicle without mounting equipment
  • Rapid, reliable, quantitative results support immediate action if illicit fuel is detected without waiting for separate lab analysis
  • Reduce time and errors with digitized workflow via integrated tablet, with automatic, secure upload of test results to AXIS® Field Sample Manager, Chain of custody records and other test results are securely uploaded to central database
  • Small, convenient detectors that are easily concealed when in the field checking for counterfeit products
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